Our Daughter Started out Wanting a Pony for Her Birthday

It all started with a little girl’s wish to own a pony. We took her to a place that offered pony rides. She could not get enough of it. She then grew and wanted to ride horses. There were different groups where she could ride horses, but none of the horses were hers. A horse really bonds with its owner, and she was missing out on this. We actually bought her favorite horse she would ride at the equestrian group. Then we were looking for childrens equestrian clothing and hi-vis gear for her and the horse for evening rides.

It is not cheap to board a horse and pay for all of its food and veterinary costs, but our little girl gives her all to her equestrian adventures and her very own horse. Our dog, Leroy, never wants to leave our daughter’s side, and he bonded with the horse too. They romp and play in exercise area at the paddock when no other horses are out, and he goes along on rides. We found hi-vis gear for him to wear on evenings when he is out with our daughter as she rides too.

She has been wanting my wife and I to get horses and ride with her. I must admit that the big animals scare me a bit. I have ridden a horse only a few times. It is fun, but I am not sure of myself when riding. Horses pick up on that. If you are riding a horse with a calm temperament, they will be cool about your nervousness. If your horse is a bit cantankerous, then you can be in for a real ride of your life! Fortunately, our daughter has picked calm horses for me when I ride with her. I told her I might consider it if she finds me the perfect horse.


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