Looking for an Inexpensive Home Security System

We have had this house for about six months and we are finally getting our finances back in order. The down payment was a big strain on that for Janet and myself. Right now we are looking at the things that we really want and need to do. I have been looking at the features on the new ADT Security home automation systems and trying to figure out if some of their components can be selected ala carte. What I am looking to do is to get the best features to save me money. Of course what I want first of all is something that saves me more money that what it is going to cost me. You have to save enough money to get back your initial investment and the monthly cost of a monitoring service. The home security systems are going to need you to pay a monitoring service, so I am sort of thinking about whether or not I need that or not. Of course they make really awesome home security systems now, they have them set up so that you can access the video from all of the cameras on your smart phone. That is a big deal for me since my girlfriend spends the weekends with me and I am not really looking to give her a key of her own just yet. You give a woman the key to your house and that says something which I am not yet ready to say. So it is a lot easier for me to just let her call me when she gets there and I can tell the system to let her in when I want to. That is not a problem if you have one of these systems. Of course it is great for me since she usually brings a bag of groceries and makes supper for us Friday evenings.


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