Live is So Much Better After Leaving the Place That Caused Us to Struggle for Too Long

I have to say that Desi people are my favorite people because I understand them more than anyone else due to the fact that I am originally from India myself. It’s a country that I miss very much. One day, I hope to go back there again to retire and live out the rest of my life. At the moment, I’m happy with where I live and being with my family members who also left India with me. We have one another for now, but one day, I imagine that I will want to live out my final years in the bold and colorful country that I left.

Now that I’m living somewhere where it is easier to make a living, I have even more appreciation for what I’m able to accomplish financially. Before I came here, I had trouble paying my rent or making sure that my children had enough food. While that can happen to anyone here in my new country, it was a very common way of life back home. My wife and I often gave up food that we needed for ourselves to make sure that our children had enough food. I was always cognizant of the fact that not having enough of the basic things we needed to survive with each day meant that we were much too close to not having anything at all.

After we moved, my wife and immediately enrolled our kids in school. They took to it easily and they learned English readily because they were so young. My wife and I struggled through English classes, but after two years worth of learning the language, we both felt ready to join the work world. We have worked hard, and we marvel every day that with a little bit of hard work, our lives are much easier.


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