Just Got Back from the Courthouse

The entire thing was a huge waste of time so far as I was concerned, but of course the insurance company did not want to listen to me. They seemed to think that they could force me into making a bad deal, but I was able to hold out on them and they eventually caved on the thing. I ended up having to hire a well known Sacramento auto accident attorney to help me, even though I would have preferred it if they had not ever had any part in it. There was absolutely no need for any of to happen because they simply should have settled to start with. It was incredulous to me that they kept trying to play hard ball with me, even though it seemed as though they were going to have to figure out that they had to pay me what they were on the hook for.

As soon as we got to the court it was obvious that the insurance company had decided that they did not want to take their chances with the jury and the judge. It was not like they were afraid to annoy any of them however, because they still tried to make it seem as though they were going to hold out for a deal where I ended up taking a great big bit of something I would not have liked. I showed them the offer that I had started out with and told them that was less than what I was going to end up with. I added fifteen percent to that and told them that was for wasting my time, then I pointed to the lawyer and said that they were going to pay him too. This was not what they wanted to hear, but I told them I did not care.


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