Do Your Homework Before You Start Farming

Thinking about how great it would be to get back to the land and grow your own food is something a lot of people consider on a regular basis. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone I know saying they would love to leave the city life behind and start their own farm. They are obviously not thinking it through. I grew up on a farm and spent most of my childhood and teen years working with my parents to grow and bring in the crops. It takes a special person to run a farm successfully. You simply can’t show up with a hoe and some seeds and turn a plot of ground into a profitable venture in a year or two. It takes decades to get a farm off the ground and running in a self-sufficient manner. It also takes a lot of sweat and tears. Most farmers these days are only making it because they receive government agricultural subsidies.

If you really want to give it the old college try, however, I think you should get online and find a site that discusses growing your own farm and the problems you might run into during the process. I found a site recently that discusses the ins and outs of this type of venture and was pleasantly surprised at the good information I found. The site goes into some depth about such things as weather, various types of crops, soil conditions, and equipment needed to do the job right. I even found information about getting help from the government to get your operation up and running. My opinion of the site is that even the most cynical city slicker could take most of this advice and manage to build up a farm if they’re willing to put in the time and effort.


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