Being Aware of My Political Surroundings

I seem to be very different that my peers that are the same age as me. They focus on entertainment news, celebrity rumors and the latest trends on social media. In contrast, I am very interested and invested in politics. I have a deep passion about what is going both on domestic and abroad fronts. I always need to know how my local and national leaders. Their policies affect the way that my family and I live. I am very watchful about Trump news in my life. I take all the info I need to hold those in office accountable.

My parents instilled the importance of politics. He made my brother and I read news articles every day when we were kids. My brother and I missed out on a lot of free time. At the time, I did not realize the point. Eventually, when I got older, I realized the truth. My father was preparing us for the future. He wanted my brother and I to be aware of the government and how it operates. My father always felt that if you do not know your rights, people can and will take advantage of you. He wanted better for us.

I am very active in my own community. I always attend the local community board meetings in my city. They are very important. I constantly keep watch on policies and laws being enacted in my community. I am always vocal about problems in my community. For example, there was a pothole in my neighborhood. A lot of people ruined their cars because of the pothole. It cost them expensive repair bills. I called the city to fix it, but I got no response. After getting no results, I reported to the community board until it was fixed. I was persistent and did not give up my fight.


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