Live is So Much Better After Leaving the Place That Caused Us to Struggle for Too Long

March 11th, 2018

I have to say that Desi people are my favorite people because I understand them more than anyone else due to the fact that I am originally from India myself. It’s a country that I miss very much. One day, I hope to go back there again to retire and live out the rest of my life. At the moment, I’m happy with where I live and being with my family members who also left India with me. We have one another for now, but one day, I imagine that I will want to live out my final years in the bold and colorful country that I left.

Now that I’m living somewhere where it is easier to make a living, I have even more appreciation for what I’m able to accomplish financially. Before I came here, I had trouble paying my rent or making sure that my children had enough food. While that can happen to anyone here in my new country, it was a very common way of life back home. My wife and I often gave up food that we needed for ourselves to make sure that our children had enough food. Continue Reading »


Being Aware of My Political Surroundings

January 15th, 2018

I seem to be very different that my peers that are the same age as me. They focus on entertainment news, celebrity rumors and the latest trends on social media. In contrast, I am very interested and invested in politics. I have a deep passion about what is going both on domestic and abroad fronts. I always need to know how my local and national leaders. Their policies affect the way that my family and I live. I am very watchful about Trump news in my life. I take all the info I need to hold those in office accountable.

My parents instilled the importance of politics. He made my brother and I read news articles every day when we were kids. My brother and I missed out on a lot of free time. At the time, I did not realize the point. Eventually, when I got older, I realized the truth. My father was preparing us for the future. He wanted my brother and I to be aware of the government and how it operates. Continue Reading »


I Wanted to Make My Wife Feel Better

September 26th, 2017

There are times when I just want to treat my wife to a really romantic night. I know a lot of guys will save this kind of night for a birthday or anniversary, but I want her to feel special on random days as well. She was a bit down not long ago because she did not get a promotion that she had really been hoping for, and I wanted to brighten her spirits up. I didn’t even have to think long about it, especially after vising the website.

I knew the best way I could make her feel better was to show her just how special she is to me. Maybe she didn’t get the promotion she wanted, but it was their loss, not hers. Continue Reading »


Our Daughter Started out Wanting a Pony for Her Birthday

April 25th, 2017

It all started with a little girl’s wish to own a pony. We took her to a place that offered pony rides. She could not get enough of it. She then grew and wanted to ride horses. There were different groups where she could ride horses, but none of the horses were hers. A horse really bonds with its owner, and she was missing out on this. We actually bought her favorite horse she would ride at the equestrian group. Then we were looking for childrens equestrian clothing and hi-vis gear for her and the horse for evening rides.

It is not cheap to board a horse and pay for all of its food and veterinary costs, but our little girl gives her all to her equestrian adventures and her very own horse. Our dog, Leroy, never wants to leave our daughter’s side, and he bonded with the horse too. Continue Reading »


Top Car Accident Chiropractors in Chandler

September 28th, 2016

I still can’t believe that I am still alive, given the magnitude of a car crash that I was recently involved in. I should probably be dead right now, because my car was simply mangled, and if you look at pictures taken from the scene of the accident, it looks like an accident where multiple people would have died. But everyone lived, somehow. I still have a lot of pain though, and my recovery is slower than I would like. I am checking out a Chandler car accident chiropractor because I think that I am going to make an appointment to go see a chiropractor in the near future. Continue Reading »


My Experience with Acupuncture for Migraines

September 27th, 2016

I have heard a few people complain about migraine headaches in the past, but I honestly did not understand just how awful they are until I had my first one. The throbbing was enough to make me want to scream, but I didn’t. I just rolled myself up in a ball and laid on my bed for hours until it subsided. I had another one a few months later, and a pattern soon developed. My husband had been looking online to find some answers, and that is how he found a Chicago acupuncture clinic that he wanted me to try.

I had never had acupuncture before, but I think it is something that most people at least know about. I was concerned about going to this clinic and having long needles inserted into my head. My husband assured me that it was not going to be like that. Continue Reading »


Just Got Back from the Courthouse

September 15th, 2016

The entire thing was a huge waste of time so far as I was concerned, but of course the insurance company did not want to listen to me. They seemed to think that they could force me into making a bad deal, but I was able to hold out on them and they eventually caved on the thing. I ended up having to hire a well known Sacramento auto accident attorney to help me, even though I would have preferred it if they had not ever had any part in it. There was absolutely no need for any of to happen because they simply should have settled to start with. It was incredulous to me that they kept trying to play hard ball with me, even though it seemed as though they were going to have to figure out that they had to pay me what they were on the hook for. Continue Reading »


Best Info for Texas Energy Choices

October 30th, 2015

I am trying to get energy hooked up soon, because I just bought a new house and I am trying to take care of everything that is necessary to get done before we can move in. Of course we need power, because this is not the middle ages. Well, I guess people have lived without power for a long time since then, but that is beside the point. I am doing some research and it occurs to me I need to know more about energy terms, because I have been confused by the wording of some of the information I have been reading to help me to learn about my choices when it comes to different power companies.

It is troubling to not understand all of the technical vocabulary because without understand it, I am unlikely to be able to make the best decision possible. Continue Reading »


Looking for an Inexpensive Home Security System

September 23rd, 2015

We have had this house for about six months and we are finally getting our finances back in order. The down payment was a big strain on that for Janet and myself. Right now we are looking at the things that we really want and need to do. I have been looking at the features on the new ADT Security home automation systems and trying to figure out if some of their components can be selected ala carte. What I am looking to do is to get the best features to save me money. Of course what I want first of all is something that saves me more money that what it is going to cost me. You have to save enough money to get back your initial investment and the monthly cost of a monitoring service. Continue Reading »


Do Your Homework Before You Start Farming

July 31st, 2012

Thinking about how great it would be to get back to the land and grow your own food is something a lot of people consider on a regular basis. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone I know saying they would love to leave the city life behind and start their own farm. They are obviously not thinking it through. I grew up on a farm and spent most of my childhood and teen years working with my parents to grow and bring in the crops. It takes a special person to run a farm successfully. You simply can’t show up with a hoe and some seeds and turn a plot of ground into a profitable venture in a year or two. Continue Reading »


Do Not Feel Intimidated when Starting Your First Garden

July 31st, 2012

 ... Path to Adopt New Canadian Organic Standards | Nature's Path FoodsThere are many people that are turning to organic food because they see that there are many health benefits that are associated with it. Not only do they realize that their own health is going to be benefited from this, but they realize that it is much better for the environment and also for all animals that are involved with farming. People that have this inclination and who have the circumstances to grow their own food are starting to do so. Continue Reading »